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Flash: Alpha Mask Effect

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 Happy New Years everyone! I am finally back after a long year of school work. Now let's kick off the new start of Learn2Flash with an easy image effect tutorial.

The Final Result:

Step 1) Open up a new Flash File (ActionScript 2.0) and click on - Modify - Document to adjust the Height:307 Width: 404.

Step 2) Import the image to the stage (Ctrl+R) and change the picture's dimensions to the same as above in the properties section. Remember to Align it to the stage.

Step 3) Go to Modify - Convert to Symbol (F8) and convert it into a MovieClip. Once that's done in the Instance Name field enter "pic" as shown below and also tick the box "Use runtime bitmap catching".

Step 4) Still on your picture layer, click on the 15th frame and press F5 or right-click, Insert Frame.

Step 5) Create a new layer above your picture and draw a small oval in the center (Stroke: None, Fill: Black). Select the oval and press F8 to make this a MovieClip Symbol. 

Step 6) Select your oval and in the Instance Name field enter: mask_mc.(This is an important step as it will be used in our ActionScript).

Step 7) Go to Filter and add Blur to your oval at Blur X: 100, Blur Y: 100.

Step 8) In frame 15 of your oval, press F6 to Insert a Key Frame (Right Click, Insert Keyframe) and in the 15th frame use the Free Transform Tool (Q) to click and drag your oval to become bigger (but smaller than your actual picture).

Step 9) Right click in anywhere between the 1st and the 15th frame and click on Create Motion Tween.

Step 10) Create a new layer and this is where the AS code will be inserted. On the first frame press F9 to insert the AS code link .

Step 11) Go to the 15th frame and create a Keyframe (F6) and insert this code if you do not wish the Flash to replay.

Finished and Enjoy your holidays!